AHWC e-Quiz



#1. 'Paper Moon' (1973) was directed by . . .

#2. 'Westworld' (1973), in the leading role, starred . . .

#3. Martin Scorsese originally offered the role of Alice in 'Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore' to which actress?

#4. John Cazale only appeared in 5 films before his death in 1978. All these films were nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. Which Best Picture nominated film did he NOT appear in?

#5. To which Douglas Sirk film did Rainer Werner Fassbinder pay homage with the film 'Ali - Fear Eats The Soul'

#6. The film, 'Executive Action', was based on the writings of Donald Freed and Mark ...?

#7. In the film, 'The Conversation', Gene Hackman's character, Harry Caul, follows what religion?

#8. What song WASN'T in the soundtrack for 'Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore'?

#9. What does 'Amarcord' mean?

#10. Steven Spielberg's secretary suggested the story of 'Duel' to him after reading about it in which US magazine?

#11. 'Klute' is considered to be the 1st instalment of Alan J Pakula's 'Paranoia Trilogy'. The 2nd instalment is 'The Parallax View'. What is the 3rd instalment?

#12. 'Paper Moon' was set in Kansas and Missouri. It was based on the book, 'Addie Pray', which was set primarily in what state of the USA?

#13. Which of the following films did David show in full to illustrate the year 1970?

#14. In the film, 'Frenzy', where is Hitchcock in his cameo role?

#15. Whilst working on 'The Wicker Man', Diane Cilento met and married someone who was working on the film? Who was that person?

#16. 'Cabaret' was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and won 8 of them. Which 2 Academy Awards did it NOT win from those nominations?

#17. Who directed '10 Rillington Place'?

#18. From which country does 'Mon Oncle Antoine' come?

#19. In 'The Way We Were', who plays Katie's college friend who is secretly in love with her?

#20. Who directed the 1971 film 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'?

#21. What was the name of the last film David showed in full to represent the year 1971?

#22. Who directed 'Investigation of a Citizen Under Suspicion'?

#23. Who played the Master of Ceremonies in 'Cabaret'?

#24. Which Steven Spielberg film was shown in full to illustrate 1972?

#25. What was the name of the Jamaican film about a wannabe Reggae star, which David showed an excerpt from to illustrate 1972?

#26. Which famous British filmmaker directed the 1972 children’s film 'The Boy Who Turned Yellow'?

#27. What was the name of the film directed by Australian director Philippe Mora, which David showed to illustrate the year 1974?

#28. '10 Rillington Place' was located in what area of London?

#29. Who is the famous director who considers 'Amarcord' as one of his favourite films?

#30. In 'Taking Off', Vincent Schiavelli instructs the parents about the etiquette of smoking a joint. What is it called when you don't pass on the joint?

#31. Are your answers in this e-Quiz a result of you cheating?