Step-by-step instructions

Starting now …

  • Select Register and Pay.  You’ll see this image :

  • Select BOOK NOW
  • Increase the ticket quantity from 0 to 1 in Participant section.

NB: If you select more than 1, we’ll treat the additional tickets as a DONATION, with thanks. You can only play the e-QUIZ once.

  • Click NEXT.
  • The payment gateway closes at midnight on Saturday 24th February but you can still play your one game on Sunday.
  • A confirmation, including a PRINT TICKET option, will be e-mailed to you. You don’t need to print your ticket or even quote its number. We’ll know whether you’ve paid.

On 22nd February

  • You will receive a reminder e-mail the day before the e-QUIZ starts. You will receive a log-in invitation and a password.

Anytime Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th February

  • We recommend clearing your browser’s cache before you start the Quiz. For instructions on how to do this, view this PDF – Internet_ClearYourCache.
  • Go to and select QUIZ PAGE from the menu bar, and then START QUIZ.
  • At the conclusion of your 60 questions you will be asked to enter your name (first and last) and your e-mail address. Failure to do this will disqualify you automatically. Your results will not be retrievable.

  • After a few seconds your name will appear on the Leaderboard* which will be found by selecting the RESULTS tab on the menu bar.
  • There is a cash prize of $A100 plus a Winners’ Circle coffee mug, and the winner will be contacted. Other participants will receive notification of their placement but it will be obvious – just check the Leaderboard.

*If you have completed all registration fields with valid data.