. . . to e-QUIZ for February 2018

This bit of fun is also a fundraiser for the beneficiaries of the Rotary Satellite e-Club of Ryde.

Don’t let the geographical location fool you – this Quiz can be played from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection (and, of course $25). Our beneficiary is Australian Rotary Health and the exercise is meant to be a bit of fun. We’ve taken some measures to help with your honesty but we’d like to think that you’ll keep in mind that this is a fundraiser for a good cause.

We’ll reward you if you’re the top scorer for the e-QUIZ. A$100 cash plus a priceless trophy can be yours. Don’t get too excited. While we encourage you to register now, the Quiz questions won’t be opened up until the first day of play (Friday 23rd February).

You can buy one ticket for $25 which will get you one game. You can increase the number of tickets at registration stage. You’ll still get only one attempt, but our beneficiary will be grateful for any increase above “1”.

Need step-by-step instructions? Click here.